Gravel Driveways Raleigh N.C.

Building a Gravel Driveway


First thing you need is at least one ditch, two would be better but at least one, some where for the water to go, so it is not just sitting on your driveway. That's one of the things that causes pot holes when the water just sits in one place on your drive-way. Pot holes could also be caused by a lot a leaves just sitting on your driveway,  oh don't let the leaves just sit in your ditches either, for it will soon leach in your driveway and cause your driveway to fell on that side.

 But lets finish with the preparation of a new driveway, getting down to the clay if living here in Wake County N. C. or if your soil is sandy one must put a layer of either fabric or what we call surge stone. That's stone about the size of your fist mixed with crush stone and Screening or  rock dust.

You could use fabric with the clay too, but not necessary its fine just to put down four inches of crush and run some people call it ABC, either way weather you use fabric or not it is still best to use the ABC ( Crush and Run ).

Then after that's been  packed down, and we like for it to at least rain on it at least one time . Then put the  67 or 57 stone no more than 2 inches deep which the smaller 67 for small cars the 57 bigger for larger cars or pickups on top of your crush and run. I learned that topping it off later with 78 stone makes the ice and snow brake up quicker when that kind of weather hits us here in Raleigh North Carolina.

Use our product calculator to find out how much you need and  that's it ,we recommend using a bobcat for your grading, tracked type would be better if available.

If you need some one to do the work for you we have experience companies that we would recommend in doing this for you just give us a call at Area Mulch and Soils Raleigh NC  919-870-9771  

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