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Express 1 ton to 21 tons and up gravel deliveries of driveway and drainage gravel, paver gravels, decorative brown riverbed stone,  abc, Crush and run , pea size, 78 #67, #57, #5, washed stone , play sand, Riprap, surge stone, rock dust, screenings,  Rolesville, Wake Forest to Cary, Creedmoor, Durham, Morrisville, Raleigh, Youngsville NC, 

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Helpful hint ...........Building Gravel driveway, Driveway gravel:  after a 3 to 4 inch layer of crush and run,  putting a  2 inch layer #57 or #67  stone in parking and walking areas are good for drainage allowing no dirt to be tracked in the house when getting out of the vehicle,

ABC - Crush & Run: Gray in color, crushed granite or run, mixed with 3/4 inch average size crushed stone gravel. Used as first layer of driveway 3 to 4 inch recommended the first time. Then later use a washed stone on top for drainage.  Image 

ABC - Crush and Run - Premium Grade: purer form of granite packs tighter  $20.50 per ton

#78 Washed Stone 1/4 average size ( Pea Gravel in size, not riverbed stone) Gray in color, protect plant roots against voles, , also walkway paths or can be used also as top layer for driveway gravel, or even use as a slow drainage gravel around house not taking all the water away from plants.

# 467 Washed stone : Gray in color ,1/2 inch in size, used as drainage or top layer for driveway also works well with walkways will not roll around like rounded stones.

# 67 Washed Stone Gravel:  Gray in color, 1/4-1/2 inch in size average, used as drainage lines around house, base before paver sand then pavers and brick walkways and also as top layer for driveways or great for paths. Image  

# 57 Washed Stone Gravel: Gray in color, 1/2-3/4 inch in size average ,drainage gravel, use for top layer for driveways after good base of crush & run. 

# 5 Washed Stone Gravel: Gray in color, 3/4 inch in size average ,use for septic drainage fields can use for top layer for driveways after good base of crush & run. Image  your price

Processed Fill : Great for filling in large holes has some small rocks 1-2 inches  clean  12 ton min.

Surge Stone : Tennis Ball size mixed with powered granite

 Rip Rap Class A: Gray in color tennis ball average size can be used for pre-driveway stone to help hold smaller gravel from sinking so quick, holding soil on banks, or use this stone to slow down a fast a water flow in a ditch by making mini dams   Image          

Rip Rap Class B  : Same as above but a bit larger in size about the size of cantaloupe or football, 1 ton covers appox.80 square ft. also 1 ton will  go 55 linier feet colors are in a medium gray color.   Image  and How much will 1 ton cover

Class I , Rip Rap : Gray in color, average size soccer to basketball used as drain ditch rock ,or to help hold soil on  steep bank .   Image

Paver Sand , Rock dust, Quarry Screenings Washed and unwashed available:  crushed granite used sub base for stone walkways and layer on top of paver sub base.

Play-sand: Double washed play safe sand-box sand we use no acid or bleach only pure water, great for sand boxes or use as volleyball courts.

NEW  Bermuda Grass: Topdressing use for filling in holes works great.

Decorative Gravels

Decorative Brown Mix :1/4     recommended use top layer for driveway gravel, patios and walkways  use in and pathways, patio areas,  use as one time mulch around home in using product calculator use 78 stone in size to fine out how much you need. same color as 1/2- 3/4 just smaller.

Decorative Brown Rock Mix 1/2---3/4 great for  mulching around house or even around the pool,  use size 57 stone on product calculator. Image

 Decorative Brown Rock Mix:  2-2.5 inch excellent choice for mulch around house last forever contrast well in all areas, has a mix of brown color tones, will not blow around when blowing leaves.  Image   

Notice Disclaimer for stones and mulches, the sample Images are intended  to represent general color range and texture only, it is impossible to regulate all color ranges that may occur in a full stone or mulch shipment, with colors ranges and color tones  If you are really concerned about color to be absolutely sure it is better to ask for a sample.

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