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We deliver bulk compost, organic garden soil, screened topsoil, vegetable raised bed mix, bedding & flower soil mixes, topsoil, soil blends, soil amendments and soil-conditioner's in the North Raleigh and Wake Forest areas. and through out most of Research Triangle and other NC areas. Minimums and delivery fees may apply. For more information or to place a order, give us a call at 919-870-9771.

Organic Compost Blend : made to be tilled into vegetable gardens or flower beds. contains composted cow, aged pine bark fines, and composted leaves. 

Organic Compost / Soil Conditioner : 60% organic Cow compost and 40% composted bark finely ground.  Meets N.O.P. standards made to till in vegetable gardens.

Soil Conditioner: Aged pine bark fines

Organic Veggie Raised Bed Growers Mix : PH 6.5-6.8 Ready to go nothing to add, perfect for use in organic veggie gardens. It contains absolutely no rocks and is 99% weed free. Meets or exceeds ( National Organic Producers standard guide lines ( N.O.P.) Our mix is composted cow manure from an organic dairy farm here in NC. Their cow compost contain no steroids or growth hormones. This mix also contains aged pine bark (finely ground), mined gypsum, sand, dehydrated lime and Perlite.                                              Shipping this product all across N.C.

( NEW )  Leaf Compost : Great for tilling in for flowers and shrubs or be planted directly in, will not burn. Made from composted leaves 5-6 years old, is very fine. Leaf compost also retains 300- 500% percent in water saving your plants.( Does not come from Municipalities.

Processed Fill : Filler soil great for filling in holes. Contains no roots or debris, no large rocks. Is easy to move with a shovel, contains a few clogs.

Pro Topsoil / 50/50 Landscape Soils : Image rock and 99% weeds free. Excellent for growing grass and flower beds and formulated to stay in place better than natural topsoil. This product is made from composted animal manures, food waste, vegetable waste and bush, contains sand and subsoils.


Screened Topsoil: Image,  Contains small rocks and roots 1/4 -1/2 in size, use for making flower bed, growing grass or filling in small holes.

Unscreened Fill Dirt : Unscreened fill dirt is not recommended w/out equipment as rocks and clogs that can weigh as much as 45 pounds. Contains no roots or logs.

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Did you know some of the benefits of  Compost :

  • Compost in the soil adds essential nutrients and micro-organisms.
  • Retains moisture especially in sandy soils, saves you money on your water bill.
  • Reduces soil erosion.
  • Reduces the need for fertilizer because it already contains many nutrients found in expensive fertilizers.
  • Breaks up hard clay soils so air and water can infiltrate deep into the soil.
  • Compost provides more nutrients contributing to a more healthy plant that is more resistant to diseases.
  • Great for use in your lawn, vegetable garden and flower beds.
  • We use NO composted human waste, bio-solids, sludge's in our mixes.
  • Do you know what's in your mix ask your supplier


Screened Topsoil $23.50 per yard
Pro-Topsoil -  50/50   Landscape soil $36.00
Bermuda  Topdressing Sand: $20.00 per ton plus delivery fee
Fill Dirt  Mixed $200.00  per 12 yard load 
Processed Fill $20.00 per ton plus delivery fee


Organic Raised Beds use for Veggi'es,  made from an organic  milk producing dairy farm. Meets NOP standards for growing  Vegetables  No growth hormones or steroids  PH 6.5-6.8 $68.00 per yard 
New Organic Compost Blend $34.00
Soil Conditioner Aged Pine Bark Fines $33.00 per yard     
NEW Composted Leaf Mulch : Made from composted leaves $25.00 Per Yard  NEW  Not from Municipalities
Get 2 yards of our Organic Raised Bed Mix   . 2 yards for $196.00 includes delivery to most areas N. Raleigh
With the high cost of vegetable's at the grocery store these days , we can really save a bit by starting our own little garden.
  Did you know the average price of good organic graden soils buy the bag can be as high as $225.00 - $252.00 per yard