Bulk Delivery of compost, organic garden soil, screened topsoil, organic garden, vegetable raised bed mix, bedding &  flower soil mixes, topsoil, soil blends, soil amendments and soil-conditioner's, in the Raleigh and Wake Forest areas and through out most of Research Triangle and other NC areas. Minimums and additional delivery fees may apply to order call 919-870-9771

We use only the highest quality of products , Veggie Garden soil  /  our mixes contain composted Cow manures ,compost bark fines, sand

Note we use NO  certified composted human waste or any bio-solids or sludge's in our mixes or metal waste ash.

Topsoil: Screened to remove big rocks and roots nature virgin topsoil.

Premium Pro - Topsoil: An blend soil mixed with compost, made from composted food waste, brush and composted manures, sand and subsoil, zero in rocks and is 99% weed free, ready to plant grass and flowers beds and shrubs.

Organic N.O.P. Veggie Raised Bed Mix  : Ready to go nothing to add, use as organic veggie gardens , it is zero in rocks and weed free. Meets  National Organic Producers standards guide lines. Contains composted cow manure which comes from an organic milk producing dairy farm which contains no steroids or growth hormones, composted bark fines, mined gypsum, sand and lime.

Organic Soil Conditioner :  60 organic Cow / 40 composted bark fines.  Meets N.O.P. standards  made to till in vegetable gardens

Compost  / Soil Amendment :use as a soil amendment  for that hard packed clay here in Wake County NC,  great for tilling in  lawns, flower beds,  super enriched in nutrients made to till or work in to existing soil beds   Before / After Image ( Image  ) your price  

Processed Fill: fill soils great for filling in holes will. no roots or debri no large rocks easy to move with a shovel has a few clogs.

Did You Know :  Compost  

  • Compost in the soil adds essential nutrients and soil micro-organisms
  • Holds moisture, saves you money on your water bill
  • Helps all types of the soils that we have here in the Raleigh NC areas.
  • Helps reduce chemicals needed
  • Helps loosens clay soils so air and water can penetrate
  • Helps sandy soils retain moisture and nutrients 
  • Reduces soil erosion
  • Reduces some plant diseases
  • Increases infiltration  
  • Use in your lawns or vegetable garden and flower beds

Unscreened Fill Dirt : unscreened fill dirt not recommended w/out equipment.

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