Area Mulch and Soils  Raleigh N.C.

Delivery of gravel, mulch sand and soils, compost, cypress and certified playground surfaces, leaf and  Black, Brown and Red  designer mulches, triple shredded hardwood bark, flower gardens soils, pine bark, low budget mulch,  decorative gravels brown  drainage and driveway gravels, vegetable garden soil , pool liner sand, play safe sand box sand and screened topsoil through out the Raleigh NC areas.

919-870-9771  or   919-795-1885

Helpful Tips: When mulching around the home put your mulch maximum depth at 3-4 inches, mulch will save you money on your water bill too.           

 Some mulches hold water better than others see our mulch pros and cons page .

 Some mulches stay on banks better, and some even provide nutrients for your plants. 

Helpful Link: Soil Testing, all the farmers before they plant their fields they take their soil to it get tested to make sure every thing is right, you can too.

Helpful Links:  What mulch should I use

Helpful Links: With the high price of vegetables now, one cannot beat growing their own,  By NC State University  Raleigh   

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