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Mulch  Delivery 6 - 20 and 28 yards 

Delivery of bulk mulch our variety includes, Leaf Mulch  The Best Mulch for Your plants $19.25 

Designer Mulch, available in Black, Chocolate Brown, and Red.

Triple Shredded Hardwood Bark Mulch  $26.00, Pine Bark Fines, Budget Cutter mulch and our Poor-mans Mulch which offers an lower price $325.00 for 20 yards.

With a knowledgeable background of gravel, mulch and soils since 1998, we at Area Mulch and Soils enjoy helping you decide what type of product you need.  

Use Our Product Calculator to find out how much product to order.


Leaf Mulch : Black in color, Images shown is leaf mulch is aged 3-4 years old. It holds color very well and does not fade. Leaf Mulch as it ages turn closer to neutral Ph. it the will not burn. It is our most recommended mulch for first time mulching of flower gardens and vegetable gardens. We highly recommend it, because it breaks up clay soils here in Raleigh and adds more nutrients compared to other mulches. It holds moisture the best of all mulches, does not get hard in bottom layers.


20 Yards Delivered 5/25/18 27587 Image

It is has very high nutrient content and adds 70-90% more nutrients to your plants than traditional mulch. It adds the most microbial life to your soils of any groundcover mulch. One advantage of leaf mulch, is that after one year, plants can grow directly in the mulch. Note, small pieces of trash, a golf or tennis ball, try the leaf mulch and you will see a positive difference in your plants with it.

Triple Shredded Hard bark: It is made from a variety of hardwoods, and is resistant to water erosion and wash out. A great choice for weed prevention and contrast well with green grass. This mulch will last approximately one year.

Pine Bark Fines: Finely ground use as mulch or soil- conditioner.


Decorative Designer Hardwood Mulch: Colors available are Black, Chocolate brown and Red.  


Note, This mulch will stain driveways /  you need a tarp, plastic or power washer.



Our Budget Cutter: made from a mix of  hardwoods and soft woods . Quickly coming the cheaper mulch to use here in Wake County.


Poor Mans Mulch is back: Made from a mixture of 70% wood and 30% bark. it times does contain pieces of trash it is not full of trash but some may be found. 20 Yards $325.00



LEAF MULCH $19.25  Per yrd.    

15 /$258.00                20/$300.00

 Image     Image   

Pine Bark Mulch Fines $28.00
Triple Shredded Hardwood Mulch  $26.00


Black Designer Mulch   $30.00   15yrd Min.   
Chocolate Brown Designer $30.00    15 Yrd Min.
 Red Designer $30.00    15 Yrd Min.
Budget Cutter Hardwood & Softwood  $23.00 per yard. 15 yards $315.00

20 yards $400.00


Poor Mans Mulch is Back 20 yards $325.00
Additional delivery may apply to your location  Sales Tax added to all loads

Why Use Mulch;
  • Can greatly enhances your property value,
  • Increases Moisture around your plants,
  • Suppresses Weeds,
  • Stabilizes soil temperatures around plants there by helping them to survive quick cold snaps,
  • Saves moisture around your plants,
  • Reduces soils compaction,
  •  Some types of Mulches actually can provide nutrients like our  Aged  leaf Mulch.
  • Some mulches are all ready full of microbial life, like our aged Leaf Mulch.
  • Some mulches can help break up the clay here in Wake County ( Pine Bark fines )
  • Some mulches actually repel some insects,

Do's and Don'ts about Mulch,

  • Keep mulch 4-6 inches away from the foundation of your home,



  • When applying 2-3 depth no more than 3 inches.



  • Don't put mulch right up to the stem of plants and shrubs there by making a habituate for mice to gnaw on your plant stems when it's cold.


  •  Getting the most bang for your buck when using stained wood mulches if applied at least 3 inches deep, as it fades, simply roll it over for another 8-10 months of color.


  • Warning To much mulch can cause root damage.


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Updated  5/09/2020