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Area Mulch and Soils  Of Raleigh NC

Sands Delivery 1 - 5 tons    919-795-1885

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Play - Sand: This sand is double washed make it safe for the kids sand box, or use as top grade volleyball sand. Image  This is not white mortar sand which has a gray film  or concrete sand which has small bits and chips of rock. Also can use for pool liner sand. $36.00 per ton



Chicken Coup, poultry coup sand: Great for drainage for birds, drain well easy clean up. $27.75 per ton


 Pool Liner Sand: It is very important to have your pool level, use this product for leveling and setting up for above ground pools. $29.00 per ton



 #44 Pavers Sand or Rock Dust :Used as top layer for laying pavers. Washed screenings. 26.75



Concrete Sand: used in volleyball courts can be used in chicken coops for drainage.


C33 Refined Concrete Sand: A course sand used as top layer in some pavers applications.  38.00 per ton42.00 per ton


Processed Fill: Mostly fine but may find 3/4 -1 inch gravel work well for filling in large holes, or for building up an area.

$14.00 per ton plus shipping 

Additional Delivery Apply to most Loads