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Gravel  1- 15 Ton Deliveries even after 5:00Pm.

 Available Products delivered include Driveway and Drainage Gravel $21.25 to $28.75  Per Ton, Decorative Brown River Bed $60.00 to $69.00 Per Ton, Erosion Control Rocks Control  Ditch Rocks $30.50  to $68.00 Per Ton , Pavers Sand and Pavers Gravel $23.25 to $33.50, Rock Dust and Screenings, Delivery area include Raleigh, Wake Forest and the Triangle areas.  On Sale this Wed. and friday Only

With one of the largest selection of gravels around, ABC, Crush and Run, Pavers Sand, Rock Dust, Washed Screening, Number 3, 57, 57/67,  67, 78 and # 5 washed stones, Ditch Erosion Rocks, Rip Rap Class A, B and Class 1 and Class II. Delivery fee's  apply to most Gravel Deliveries.


Use our Product Calculator to help find out exactly how much gravel to order, it is based on a settled compressed amount, to make sure there is enough to complete your job.

Quick Guide to Gravel Uses

Constructing a Gravel Driveway


A driveway done right will last 8 - 12 years without out any major work.                                                            


1st in Wake County to offer less than 5 ton deliveries to meet the needs of you our customers.


ABC - Crush & Run Image $21.50  Size: 1/4 to1 and a 1/2 ; Best choice for the first layer of a driveway (3 to 4 inches is the recommended depth for residential use and first time application. Made of crushed granite which is rock solid one of the hardest aggregates gravels around. Making it the best for driveway gravel. The Run part is pulverized Granite allowing it to pack and seal so by keeping your driveway contaminate free from the soil below, or the  Mud.

After the first rain we recommend using a washed stone

(#57 or #67) on top to hold the fines. The ( run ) part from washing and for drainage, or number 5 washed stone for steep hills or large vehicles.


78 Washed Stone Gravel $26.75 :  Color: Image Light Gray almost white or Medium Gray your choice. 

Size: 1/4 average size ( This is Pea Gravel in size, not riverbed stone) use as protector of your plant roots against voles, also great for pathways its a little softer to your steps, though it feels like walking in sand or can be used also as top layer for driveway gravel, or even use as a slow drainage gravel around house not taking all the water away from plants.

There's a big advantage in using 1/4 size stone for the final layer of your driveway, its doesn't completely pack there by it moves a little. So when it snows and ever time you drive on it, it continues to break up the ice and snow. Put down some salt melting chemicals where the tires run and with using the 78 washed stone, your driveway will clear up very quickly.

#57 Washed Stone  $26.75 :Gray. Size: 1/2-3/4 inch. use as back fill behind a retaining walls, use as drainage gravel around your home , some even use it as pavers base gravel then use 78 on top then put your sand for a very hard long lasting pavers patio or pavers drive way, use for top layer for driveways after good base of crush & run. 


#57/67 Washed Stone  Image : a Mixture a both 57 and 67 for top layer of driveway or even walkways through the woods.


#67Washed Stone  Image  $26.75 Color: medium to light Gray. Size 1/4-1/2 used mainly for the base, the first layer  before pavers sand or as great also for pathways. can use as top layer for driveways if having smaller compact vehicles, a little easier to walk on too. Great for sitting areas 67 washed stone packs almost by itself  and easily, to move around using a round shovel.

# 5 Washed Stone Gravel $26.75 Color: Gray. Size: 3/4 to 1 inch. For use for septic drainage fields, or also around your house remember the size of the stone determines how fast the water will drain can use for top layer for driveways after good base of crush & run. Driveway Image


With millions of miles under our belt, and in a driveway application our Driver's take great pride and are very skillful in spreading the gravel up your driveway, forward and in some cases even backwards. By tailgating the gravel out the back of the truck. Its more of an Art than science to be able to tail-gate gravel, washed gravel spreads like soft butter. But Crush and Run can be challenging at times.

 However in some cases like trying to spread double parking areas or low over head Cable, Phone and Power lines or tree limbs which cross over the driveway may prevent us from      tail-gating your load.

" Note " You are being charged only for the gravel by the ton weight, plus a delivery rate. You are not being charged for the times that we are able to spread your load.


#3Washed Stone Image : Color: light gray. Size 2-3 inches. Used as driveway gravel on new job sites, to keep mud and soil from entering Road. Can also be used as a landscape gravel around a home.

#4Washed Stone : Color :Medium Gray. Size 1-1/2 inches. Used as Drainage gravel for areas where water may sit in front yard. Can also be used where heavy trucks are being parked.


Home Mulch Soils Master Price


Surge Stone: Color: Medium Gray. Size 3-4 inches. Same as below except has small amount of mix sizes up to its size and has granite fines mixed in to help it pack. Comes mixed with pulverized granite. Commonly used for building up low areas in a drive way. Also may be used for entrance to new job site to keep mud from entering roads. 


Rip Rap Class A $30.00: Color: Light to medium Gray. Size 3-6 inches. Used to lay down on entrance of new driveway of a Construction site. Image. Same composition as surge stone without addition of pulverized granite. It can be used for pre-driveway stone application to help hold smaller gravel from sinking so quickly, for retaining soil on banks, or use this stone to slow down a fast a water flow in a ditch Image by making mini dams. Uses Images


Rip Rap Class B Delivery $31.00: Image Color Light to medium Gray )  Average Size: 8-12 inches: use as erosion control around covert pipes at the driveway entrance of you home, or as in long ditches.1 ton covers appox.80 square ft. also 1 ton will  go approx. Image 55 linear feet colors are in a medium gray color.  2 tons delivered 27613


Class I , Rip Rap:$31.00 Color: light to medium Gray. Average size 12-16 inches Class 1 is mostly used as drainage ditch rock, or for erosion control along a small slow moving creeks



Class II, Rip Rap $32.00 : Color light to medium gray in . Average size 18-24 inches,  used as erosion control along fast moving creeks. Must have equipment to move some pieces can get pretty big average weight 250 lbs.


Pavers Sand: Washed Screenings $26.50 : Pulverized granite are a crushed granite used as a sub base for stone walkways. Typically you use washed screenings for smaller pavers. Also works great for low budget basketball court.


Screenings Unwashed Granite $24.50 : Pulverized granite used as a base layer for large stone walkways.


Processed Fill: Sand mixed with 3/4 to 1 inch gravel. Used for filling in of large holes residential fish ponds, gullies packs well.



Brown Riverbed Gravel $60.00: Color Mixed Brown, Size 1/4 inch Decorative Brown Gravel is recommended for use as a top layer for patios, pathways and can also be used as a top layer for your driveway. To calculate how much you will need. Note enter #78 stone into our product calculator.


Brown Riverbed Gravel $60.00 : Color: Mixed brown and Tan,   1/4 - 1/2  inches. Great choice for top layer of driveway or even for sitting area. Use size #67 if using our calculator. Image



Brown Riverbed $69.00 : 1-2 inches in size Great for  mulching around the house or even around the pool, use size #5 stone on our product calculator. Also go with larger size if you have a lots shrubs or trees. Images



Brown River Bed Gravel $60.00 ;2 - 3 inches.   Best choice for Mulching around the house, or a commercial location. Image  It will not blow around when using a leaf blower. Contrasts well against many home colors. (Note)  this size has lighten up in color.            ( also note ) There are small fines in the stone. Image  More Prices


Note: all sizes are the diameter of the largest / average particle or rocks.


Notice Disclaimer for Stones and Gravel

These images are intended to represent general color range and texture only. It is impossible to regulate all color ranges that may occur in a stone or gravel shipment, with colors ranges and color tones. If you are really concerned about color or size, be sure to ask us for a sample of the product you will be receiving. Product Calculator

Price List for Bulk Gravel

ABC - Crush & Run $21.50
#78  Washed Stone  Image  $26.75
# 67 Washed Stone         $26.50
#57/67 Washed Stone $28.00
# 57 Washed Stone        $26.50
# 5  Washed Stone          $27.50
#39 Washed Stone   N/A $28.50
# 3  Washed Stone   Image $28.50
# 4  Washed Stone $32.00
Erosion Control Stones  ↓ Class A -- Class II  
Surge Stone $27.50
Rip Rap Class A    Rocks $30.50.
Rip Rap Class B     Rocks $31.00
Class I , Rip Rap    Rocks     Image $32.00
Class II  Rip Rap    Rocks $32.75
Pavers Sands  ↓  

Quarry Screenings Washed    Pavers Sand


Quarry Screenings Unwashed $23.50
Processed Fill w/gravel $17.00
Processed Fill $13.50

Decorative Gravels

Decorative Brown Gravel 1/4 $60.00
Decorative Brown Gravel

1/4 - 1/2

Decorative Brown Gravel  1- 2 inches $ 69.00
Decorative Brown Gravel  2-3 inches $60.00
Delaware Gravel 1-2   inches $138.00
Additional Deliveries 

Apply to All Gravel Loads

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